Thank you for dropping by. Epoxy Global is bring to the market exciting innovations to the rapidly evolving epoxy industry.

When we think of Epoxy we ofter think of industrial or garages. Not anymore. New additives, materials and vibrant colours make Epoxy an indispensible material for residential purposes as well.


  Office and Commmercial

  Industrial applications.

Your next renovation project or new build deserves Epoxy Global. Talk to our team, send us your drawings. We would be more than happy to offer advice and a free no-obligation quote.

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Some samples of our work

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  • bars - pubs - fitness centers
  • bathroooms - counters - kitchens
  • commercial - office
  • garages - parking lots
  • hallways - stairs - foyezs
  • hospital - labs
  • industrial - warehouse
  • recroom - personalizations
  • retail - grocery - malls
  • schools - gyms
https://epoxyglobal.ca/ bathroooms - counters - kitchens

Work process

bathroooms - counters - kitchens

https://epoxyglobal.ca/ bathroooms - counters - kitchens

Utility Counter

bathroooms - counters - kitchens

https://epoxyglobal.ca/ bathroooms - counters - kitchens

Eye Popping Epoxy

bathroooms - counters - kitchens

https://epoxyglobal.ca/ industrial - warehouse

Utility Room

industrial - warehouse

https://epoxyglobal.ca/ retail - grocery - malls

Visual Impact

retail - grocery - malls

https://epoxyglobal.ca/ garages - parking lots

Audi Dealership 3

garages - parking lots

https://epoxyglobal.ca/ recroom - personalizations

Not exactly as shown

recroom - personalizations

https://epoxyglobal.ca/ commercial - office

High Traffic

commercial - office

https://epoxyglobal.ca/ garages - parking lots

Before & After!

garages - parking lots



Bill Burton

Atlantic Hose, Owner

I heard great things about Epoxy Flooring. My first time investment simply did not work out. I called Epoxy Global and it was certainly the best decision I ever ...



Loved the custom design! Branding of our retail floors, including directional arrows to pop displays was a hit! ...


Sally J

I called Epoxy Global and it was, for me, the best thing I did all week! The service was great and the choices made for hard decisions. But I am extremely happy ...


Sam N.

No problem using this company. Had serious floor damage after a flood. Epoxy Global came in and covered the floor in 2 days. Highly recommend! ...

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